HMS Wolfstar: Can't Sink This Ship
Can you rec me some Wolfstar fic from PoA through OotP? I’m not one for marauders-era and I want angst in the wake of that Ron/Hermione/Harry revelation


Honestly people I’m a pretty heartbroken human generally but this past month was exceptionally bad. Please rec me some wolfstar fanfic so I can regress? To my teenage years, which were actually worse. But somehow this helps.

Check out what we’ve posted here. Go to both lists and do a search for “PoA”, “OotP”, and “Post-PoA”. You’ll find some things that will hopefully pique your interest. The NC-17 part is still in the works if that’s more your flavour. :]

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Thank you to the wonderful abyss_valkyrie for running the R/S Valentine’s Day Exchange. It’s wonderful to know that people still love this pairing as much as I do. <3

Stars and a Kiss by Abyss-Valkyrie.


I have a story I posted on archive of our own back at the end of October (Domestic Creatures) that has been seeing its hits rise exponentially. I’m certainly not complaining but I’m wondering if it got linked somewhere? Is there like a google scholar alerts for links? Anyway I’m getting really excited because I feel like it’s going to break 1000 hits and that is just so awesome. It’s nice to put a lot of effort into something and be rewarded by an audience.

We reced a few of your stories in our recent insalment so that might’ve had something to do with it. ;]

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Stupidly Huge Wolfstar Reclist — Part II: R


Here we are, part two of the reclist! There are at least 150 pieces in this list, but probably closer to 175.

Links to stories and their creators are bolded/underlined or found in [ ] brackets.

The Rating Guide, Legend, and Genre breakdown have again been included below for your reference. HAPPY WEEKEND READING! :D

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Come join your fellow Wolfstar shippers at the Valentine’s Day exchange! Sign-ups happening until 10 slots are taken, and works are due on 13 February at the latest.
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dirty-fucking-hippie: When is the second part of your reclist coming out? I loved the first part btw, thank you so much for doing all that work! It feels good to know there are some wolfstar shippers out there who love them just as much as I do! Keep up the good work :)

Hi! Uni’s keeping me really busy and my co-admin isn’t actually on tumblr, so expect it out sometime this winter break. :D

Black & White Collection —
18/20 : Sirius and Remus by rethe.
Black & White Collection —
17/20 : Against the Light by Moonlight-hero.
Black & White Collection —
16/20 : Slash by SnapeWhite.
Black & White Collection —
15/20 : Sirius and Remus by nadeshcka.
Anonymous: The rec list is great! I just wish you would have put summaries for what each of them about. =\ Its kinda annoying to have to click on every single one to find one that you're interested in reading.

Glad you like! As for summaries, there are over 500 pieces in the whole reclist, so including summaries would have been far too tedious for us; I hope you understand why we didn’t. We hope that the listed genres for each will give our followers an idea of which stories they’re most interested in.

Stupidly Huge Wolfstar Reclist — Part I: G-PG-13


Apologies for the extra long wait for this! Below the readmore you’ll find the first third of our massive reclist. At least 200 fics are listed so have fun reading until the next instalment. ;]

Links to stories and their creators are bolded/underlined or found in [ ] brackets.

1) spacefragments’ reclist
2) fuckyeahremussirius’s reclist [huge thanks for letting us use your images, too!]
3) ofwerewolvesandmen’s reclist of reclists & fic search
4) boundbook’s reclist
5) mysticnights32’s reclist one and two

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Black & White Collection —
14/20 : Art excerpts from the Shoebox Project by Rave.
Black & White Collection —
13/20 : Fanart by Jest [we only had the artist name and art, no original source, sorry!]